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Industrial Investment Opportunities

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Major Industries for Foreign Investment

Offshore Wind Power Turbine

  • Offshore wind power machinery industry
    • The target for installed wind power capacity by 2020 is 0.32GW.
    • At least 64 offshore wind turbines required.
    • Maritime engineering: Need to establish construction technology and provide working ships.

International Logistics related Services

  • International Logistics-related services(4G)
    • Installation of intelligent logistics software needed for the deployment of ICT and other technologies necessitated by the operation of free economic pilot zones.
    • Software investment opportunities include cloud service platforms for logistics, information management systems for supply chain collaboration, goods-tracing management platforms, shipment-tracking management platforms, inventory-financing service platforms, and value-added warehousing, shipping, and transit platforms.

Electric Vehicles

  • Electric vehicle industry
    • Passenger buses: A total of 10,000 passenger buses will be needed by 2023, providing market opportunities projected at 65 billion NT dollars.
    • Trucks: Around 3,000 garbage trucks will be replaced and about 5,000 short-range freight trucks will be required, providing business opportunities worth approximately 15 billion NT dollars.

Information Services

Mobile Broadband Services

  • Mobile broadband services industry
    • Licenses for 4G LTE spectrum released in 2013 are expected to offer business opportunities involving more than 70,000 macro base stations and over 1 million small cells.
    • Business opportunities will arise from the 10 billion NT dollars that the government expects to invest in promoting innovative mobile broadband application services.

Digital Content

Semiconductor Equipment

  • Semiconductor factory expansion
  • Semiconductor companies will spend more than 10 billion US dollars on capacity expansion, and this will give rise to potential opportunities for the supply of whole-plant semiconductor equipment along with consumable parts and components for semiconductor equipment.

Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

Electronic Materials

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Guide to Industry Investment

Service Industry

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Healthcare Service Industry PDF Medical Equipment and Medical Channel Industries PDF
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Manufacturing Industry

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Biotech Industry PDF Food Industry PDF
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