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Industrial Outline

Industrial Outline

Since 1995, the MOEA has published the annual "White Paper on Taiwan Industrial Technology," which identifies current development in industrial technology and future trends. The White Paper outlines the government's industrial technology plans while helping the public understand the current state of technology in Taiwan and Taiwan's industrial development course. Since it was first published, the White Paper has received widespread support from the private, government and academic sectors. To provide an accurate outline of the government's efforts in the area of industrial technology development, this year's 2013 White Paper on Taiwan Industrial Technology" continues to feature content in the "Innovation, Research and Development," which focuses on prospects for The Development of Innovative Technology, Establishment of R&D Centers in Taiwan by Overseas Enterprises, and ICT-enabled Service and Innovation. This process of continuous review increases the White Paper's value as a reference.

Concerning the industrial development, the outline of 2013 White Paper on Taiwan Industrial Technology is as follows.

  • Smart Technology
    • Fundamental Technology
    • Advanced Intelligent Network
    • Comfortable Technology
    • Carrier Technology
    • Interactive Display Technology
    • Advanced Technology Research
  • Green Energy Technology
    • Fundamental Technology
    • Electric Vehicle Technology
    • Lighting and Display Technology
    • Photovoltaic Technology
    • Advanced Green Materials Technology
    • Advanced Technology Research
  • Mechanics, Mechatronics and Transportation
    • Fundamental Technology
    • Materials/ Transportation Technology
    • Smart Manufacturing/Intelligent Automation Technology
    • Industry Network
    • Advanced Technology Research
  • Livelihood
    • Fundamental Technology
    • Materials and Chemicals Technology
    • Textiles Technology
    • Biopharmaceutical Technology
    • Medical Devices Technology
    • Food Technology
    • Advanced Technology Research
  • Service Innovation
    • Value-added Cloud Computing Service
    • Smart Living Technology
    • ICT-enabled Service and Innovation
    • Value-added Technology Aesthetics
    • Advanced Technology Research

(For more details please become a member and log in to read the full text on website:; "2013 Industrial Technology White Paper," Department of Industrial Technology.)


I-Taiwan 12 Projects

The I-Taiwan 12 Projects, being a new economic development blueprint for Taiwan, call for a total investment of NT$3.99 trillion over eight years since 2008, with NT$2.65 coming from the government and NT$1.34 trillion from the private sector. These projects are expected to expand domestic demand, improve the investment environment, boost the health of the economy, and upgrade the quality of life. For more information, please visit I-Taiwan 12 Projects.

Six Emerging Industries

In April 2009 the Executive Yuan began launching a series of action plans for six emerging industries which include biotechnology, medicine and health care, culture and creation, tourism, green energy, and high-end agriculture. The purpose of the development strategy planning for the said emerging industries is to expand market scale, increase production value, and stimulate the development of opportunities in emerging industries. For more information, please visit Six Emerging Industries.

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