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Intellectual Advantage & Innovation Capability

In the high-tech, knowledge-intensive information age, the availability of high-quality human resources is vital for competitiveness and success. Throughout the decades of its rapid economic growth, Taiwan has placed particular emphasis on education. Now it possesses one of the most highly educated work forces in the world.

Taiwan also has advantage on higher educated workforce. Taiwan has a workforce of about 11 million people, accounting for about 48.99%of the total population. Every year, 320 thousand students are graduated from college, university or higher education, which makes sufficient workforce supply to the industry.

Local universities excel in leading-edge research, which is one of the factors behind Taiwan’s expertise in high-tech manufacturing. As the universities steadily build up their research capabilities, the number of master’s and Ph.D. graduates grows every year. Besides, a high proportion of students opt to pursue graduate studies overseas, returning with valuable language skills in addition to the most advanced knowledge in their fields.

The government continues to promote international technology cooperation and encourage visits and exchanges between science researchers in the academia, co-holding of academic seminars and cooperation for research projects. The government has set up overseas science and technology divisions to cultivate science and technology professionals’ international views.

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