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Six Emerging Industries

In April 2009 the Executive Yuan began launching a series of action plans for six emerging industries in Taiwan. These consist of the ICT industry that Taiwan currently enjoys an advantage in (communications, information technology, photonics and semiconductors) as well as green energy, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The biotech plan will also support boutique agriculture and healthcare services which in turn will help boost tourism and promote the cultural creativity industry.

Product diversification, branding and acquisition of critical technologies form the main dimensions of the new action plans launched by the Executive Yuan. These will be realized through concrete strategies for investing in government resources and also attract private-sector investment. The six action plans will be carried out in phases depending on how strategic planning matures in order to expand the market, boost output and stimulate the development of the emerging industries. Ultimately, these initiatives will gradually bring about a shift in Taiwan's industrial structure and change the quality of life for the general population.

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